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Working in the pressure tank.
Take a look inside the mother of all culinary competitions with Chef Jeffrey Lizotte.
Imagine what it would be like to cook in front of Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Grant Achatz, Traci Des Jardins, Tim Ryan, Gavin Kaysen and the like. Imagine having a five hour timeline, a crowd of noisy onlookers, loud techno music, a crazy Emcee and all the while you are hoping to represent your country at a contest named after Paul Bocuse! This is not a reality show, this is real and it is one of the most exciting things I have ever witnessed. Listen in to our interview with Jeff to find out what it is really like to compete at the highest level of culinary arts.
Jeffrey Lizotte started his journey in the kitchen at the age of 15. He began by washing dishes at a small Italian-American restaurant in his hometown of Simsbury, Connecticut. His two older sisters worked in the dining room and helped to make his first job as close to home as possible. Upon graduating high school, Jeffrey entered the Hotel School at Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Hotel Administration. During the school year, Jeffrey worked at Les Ducs, a small French bistro which he helped open in Ithaca , New York. His summers were spent working on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard at the Club Car restaurant and Sweet Life Cafe respectively.After school, Jeffrey was recruited by David Bouley to join the kitchen team at his late restaurant, Danube, in New York City. After its closure, Jeffrey worked with Eric Ripert and the staff at Le Bernardin for one year before landing a job in Bordeaux, France at Restaurant La Tupina. Jeffrey was quickly promoted to second de cuisine at La Tupina and saw his work visa expire after a year in Bordeaux. Determined to prolong his training in France, Jeffrey was offered a job as chef de partie at Jacques Chibois’s La Bastide St. Antoine in Grasse. After two years in France, Jeffrey returned home to his native Connecticut to take the chef de cuisine post at the Restaurant ON20 in Hartford, Connecticut where he hangs his apron to this day.



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Chef Lizotte during the competition

Bocuse d’Or USA 2012 Silver Medalist Chef Jeffrey Lizotte gives us a bird’s-eye view into the world’s most prestigious culinary competition!

Tune in Sunday to hear how it feels to cook in front of a panel of the greatest chefs in America. Jeff’s interview will place you right in kitchen 2 at The Culinary Institute of America. He gives us an idea of the intensity, stress and pace of this 5 hour competition. Learn what kind of planning and training it takes to compete for a spot in the world renowned competition in Lyon, France. Listen in on Sunday to hear the inside scoop on the mother of all culinary competitions.
The Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest is the most rigorous international culinary competition, held every two years in Lyon, France. Twenty-four countries are selected to compete, and each country’s team is composed of one chef and one commis assistant.Each team is provided five and a half hours to create two elaborate platter presentations, one centered around seafood and one on meat, each accompanied by three original garnishes. The platters are presented before twenty-four judges, each of whom is among the most esteemed chefs in his/her own country. The judges evaluate the overall harmony of flavors in the dish, the presentation of the platter, the techniques employed and the efficiency in which the teams work.The intensity of the spectator’s enthusiasm is unique. Thousands of fans attend the event and are seated in sections in front of their competitors’ booth, waving flags, singing national chants, and providing general encouragement. The noise level of the arena elevates as the candidates race to complete their presentations to the judges. Hundreds of international photo and film journalists canvas the location, broadcasting the competition live around the world.

Watch this year’s Bocuse d’Or USA competition at  www.bocusedorusa.org



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Ben is bringing back the culture of the pig.

 Chef Ben Thompsons mysterys are solved on Chew the Fat!
Why would a chef working at French Laundry, like Ben Thompson, head to Nelson County Virginia?
What motivates one to support local farmers by doing custom butchery and marketing it to restaurants and hard core foodies? How does a person live and cook on a submarine for months at a time?
listen in to Chew the Fat for the answer to all these questions and more !

Chef Thompson, who trained a the The Culinary Institute of America, gives a great and inspired interview! As partner and chef of Rock Barn, Ben has become a fine support system to chef’s and farmers alike. His passion and expertise flow right into his product and the icing on the cake has to be his custom catering. His story is unique and interesting. Visit their website to learn about Pork Share! www.therockbarn.net



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Chef -Butcher Ben Thompson throwing the belly!
 Ben Thompson of The Rock Barn is up next on Chew the Fat!
Listen into Chew the Fat this Sunday Night to hear how a Navy Submariner lands a prestigious culinary job with Chef Thomas Keller and then follows his dream to Nelson County, Virginia.  Ben’s story is unique and his passion is evident. This interview will inspire listeners to follow their heart and excel at whatever they do. Learn about The Rock Barn’s Pork Share program!!! It is all here on Chew the Fat with Chef Craig.



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Amalia Scatena
Talented Vineyard Chef Chews the Fat with Chef Craig.
Listen in to hear from a chef who is living the dream of so many young chefs. Trained in Florence, Italy, Amalia has worked in some of the country’s finest establishments. Now Chef Scatena is at the helm of Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard and she is churning out some of the finest events and wine friendly food to be found anywhere. Find out what it’s like to spend your day on a vineyard – Farm and utilize your own ingredients as well as take in the peaceful surroundings. Learn how to prepare oneself to hold such a position and what kind of challenges come with the post. Tune in to Chew the Fat to find out the answers and more!



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Chef Matthew Hart at The Local

Chef Matthew Hart bares his heart on Chew the Fat!

Chef Hart gives us the run down on his journey from doing dishes at The C&O Restaurant to running his own kitchen at the appropriately named, The Local in Charlottesville, Virginia. The story of a local boy, who starts on the ground floor and with hard work, dedication and a passion for their craft, becomes successful, will inspire you.  You will learn about the birth of  an idea , a restaurant and a cuisine. Listen in to hear Matthew declare his fondness for his wife, son, mentors, friends and local farmers! It’s all here on Chew the Fat!!



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ALERT!! Important Anouncement contained within this podcast!!

Edible Cville writer and founder Jenee Libby sounds out about local restaurants, social media, and her love of central Virginia.

A transplant from Pittsburgh, Jenee brought her successful food blog to Charlottesville, Virginia and the food lovers in the area have been very receptive. Jenee’s blog EdibleCville has been voted Best Local Food Blog in Charlottesville in 2010 and Jenee shares with us her exciting plans to grow her blog. Tune in to hear her thoughts on food, wine, chefs, writers, restaurants and life. Listen as she shares the story of her passion found.

It’s all here on Chew the Fat with Chef Craig!




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 Listen in to part two of our conversation with highly regarded young chef Jeffrey Lizotte.

Part 1  was well recieved and part two is equally as interesting with Jeff  opening up about becoming a finalist in the Bocuse D’Or 2013 competition. Jeff is a past recipient of The Jean-Luis Palladin Memorial Scholarship Award and has worked in the kitchens of Eric Ripert and David Bouley. Jeff’s story is inspiring, his passion is contagious and his love of the kitchen is evident. Find out why Jeff has what it takes to compete in the most  intense and respected culinary competition in the world. It’s all here on Chew the Fat!

Check out www.Bocusedorusa.org to learn more about the competition and the history behind it.



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ON20 Chef de Cuisine and Bocuse d’Or USA finalist Jeffrey Lizotte shares his exciting culinary journey with us.

Join us for a two part conversation where Jeff explains how he followed his heart right into the kitchen and how that path led him to  Cornell Hotel School, Le Bernardin, The Jean-Louis Palladin Foundation Memorial Scholarship Award, and now The Bocuse d’Or competition. Jeff’s interview is full of valuable advice and keen insights into what it takes to succeed and excel in the culinary proffession. Learn where a young chef draws inspiration and who his mentors are! It’s all here on Chew the Fat with Chef Craig. Join us for part 1.







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 Levi Mezick started his culinary journey almost twenty years ago at Clifton Relais & Châteaux with Chef Craig Hartman and has since spent time in the kitchens of Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Michel Richard as well as select kitchens in France and Italy. How did Levi orchestrate his career and how did he get in the door at the finest restaurants in the world? It is all here on Chew the Fat!!


As a pedigreed chef, Levi Mezick is driven by the highest quality, locally
sourced and sustainable products executed with precise technique and modern
twists.  Originally from the Washington DC area, Mezick brings a wealth of
culinary expertise cultivated under some of the world’s most famous chefs to
Restaurant 1833.  His impressive career path includes positions as Sous chef at
Daniel and Executive Sous Chef at Café Boulud with celebrity chef Daniel Boulud,
Oceana restaurant and Thomas Keller’s Per Se, as well as stages in
Michelin-starred European restaurants including Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence,

Chef Mezick teamed up with venerable chef Michel Richard in 2010 at Michel at
The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner, VA where he earned critical and popular acclaim
for his creative riffs on classic cuisine utilizing modern ingredients and
fine-tuned technique.  In 2011, Mezick was tapped by the founders of Pebble
Beach Food & Wine to become executive chef at their new dining concept,
Restaurant 1833, located in the historic Stokes adobe in Monterey.  At
Restaurant 1833, Mezick’s approachable and informed style will be reflected in
the sustainably-sourced menu showcasing the authentic flavors of Central
Californian cuisine.